A Piece of Natures Beauty

​​​​G l a c i e r   R i d g e   O r g a n i c s

Upon entering the Glacier Ridge Organics farm you will be immediately consumed by nature, creating distance from life’s pressures and stress.  Here at Glacier Ridge Organics, it is our charter to provide you an immersive nature experience that resets the mind, refreshes the body and soothes the soul.  After your stay, you will take home wonderful memories and leave as our friend.

Located in the heart of Central Wisconsin's Historic Glacier Region

A N   E X E C U T I V E   R E T R E A T   I N   N A T U R E ' S   B A C K Y A R D

Adams County, WI is located in the heart of central Wisconsin and has 23 well known rock formations.  No matter which rock formation you explore, you will be mesmerized by its sheer beauty.  Just to the north and a short drive away is the second largest lake in Wisconsin, 23,000 acre Lake Petenwell.  A day fishing at this lake provides an opportunity to catch the following species: Musky, Northern Pike, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Sturgeon and Catfish.

Back at Glacier Ridge Organics relax watching the morning sun rise on the east patio or the sun setting on the west patio.  Spending a quiet evening in the bunkhouse built from 100 year old barn timbers nestled in the woods.  You will surely feel like you are back in time.  Its screened in porch area with “fall asleep in” rocking chairs allow you to appreciate the silence of nature’s woods while listening to all the wildlife that make their home here at Glacier Ridge Organics. 

Disconnect from the day to day routine and become unison with the symphony of nature.​  Create a connection with someone by having a conversation over campfire with no one but mother nature to listen in.  Staying with you at Glacier Ridge Organics are the deer, fox, hawks, eagles, wild turkey and Sandhill cranes that are native to the property grounds...just to name a few.​

Relaxing and Memorable

The Magical Effects of Nature

Glacier Ridge Organics is located in Friendship, WI, a small village within Adams County.  The farm boasts a stunning picturesque view of Friendship Mound, a castellated earth mass formed from by the last glacier that covered this area during the ice age.  15,000 years ago this property made up the bottom of what was called “Glacial Lake Wisconsin”.  Just north of the Friendship Mound and viewable from the property lies the “Roche-A-Cri Mound”, part of a 605 acre state park. This state park features a 300 foot rock outcropping with Native American petroglyphs along with a wooden stairway challenging you to a climb to the top.  Minutes from the farm, this state park consists of several miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, a playground, sand volleyball courts, shelters, 41 overnight camping sites along with Carter Creek, a trout stream that winds through the park just south of the mound.